Learn Logic Pro from Certified Trainers and Professional Users

Logic Pro is the choice of songwriters and producers the world over due to it’s flexibility, power and incredible built in sounds and effects. However, that same flexibility and power can make it tricky to pickup and even harder to master.

Mix Medics’ personal, one on one training can help you get more from Logic and un-tap the musical potential hidden inside your Mac.

What makes Mix Medics Logic Pro training unique?

HQ Audio Streaming

Our low-latency realtime audio connection means we can hear your Logic Pro session and you can hear ours in incredible quality.

Your Studio, Your Music

Work on your own music in the studio you know best – your own. Learn Logic Pro remotely from anywhere in the world.

Interactive Training

Unlike a tutorial video, you can ask us questions about your specific Logic Pro issues. Screensharing makes collaboration easy.

Set Your Own Schedule

No need to enrol in an expensive and time consuming college course to learn how to get the best from Logic Pro.

What you can learn with Mix Medics Logic Pro Tuition

Click the headings below for just some of the topics you can learn about online with Mix Medics.


Dealing with latency
Understanding buffers
Setting up your interface for a clean signal
Recording into take folders
Punch in and out


Quick Swipe Comping of vocal or instrumental takes
Flex Time and Flex Pitch correction
Comp audio effectively without clicks
Phase coherent drum editing
Tidy up audio tracks ready for mix
Speed up workflow with keyboard shortcuts
Understanding tools


How to use Logic’s built in plugins
Using busses and sends to save CPU
Understand gain staging
Bounce in place
Freeze tracks
Using Logic’s automation
How to avoid clipping
Understand mixdown options


Setup control surfaces
Quick access automation
Using the piano roll
Understand the event list
Get the most from controller data
Understand quantize and groove templates

How does Mix Medics online training work?

1) Get in touch via email

Use our contact page to send us a message explaining what type of training you are looking for and where in the world you are based.

2) Take part in a free introductory call and setup

We will arrange a time for one of our trainers to call you via Skype. We use this short call to check that our service is right for you and that your internet connection is strong enough. If all is well we will help you setup your DAW for our HQ Audio Streaming connection.

3) Send payment via PayPal

If you are happy with your trainer and your setup works with our system then we will send a PayPal request for payment.

4) Login to our HQ Audio Portal and wait for our video call

We will send you an invitation to our HQ Audio Portal and give you a call over Skype. Your lesson begins with screen sharing and HQ Audio Streaming between your trainer’s studio and your own.

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