Do you struggle to get a good mix?!

Collaborate anywhere in the world with an audio professional

Your Music – Your Studio

In Realtime


Personal Training

A personal online audio trainer able to answer specific questions and help you get the most from your own mixes.

In Your Own Studio

Learn on the equipment you know the best – your own. Screensharing means we see what you do and vice versa.

Realtime HQ Audio

Our low-latency realtime audio connection means we can hear your music and you can hear ours in incredible quality.

A new way to learn to mix

Online advice and tuition directly in your own DAW sessions

Mix Medics offer high resolution, real-time audio monitoring across the internet. This means our trainers can hear exactly what you hear in your studio and can advise on your mix accordingly.

At the same time you can hear the output of your trainer’s DAW for audio demonstrations and tips. Our audio streaming technology is used by many top producers worldwide.

When this high-quality audio streaming is combined with DAW screen-sharing and two-way speech communication, it will feel like the trainer is right there in the studio with you.

Instead of sending your music away to be mixed online why not learn how to do it yourself? You will train your ears and learn valuable techniques to improve each and every one of your mixes in the future.

Our Services

Mix Advice & Training

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Studio Consulting

Mastering Training

Logic Pro Training

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